Comedy Bang Banggeektv

Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts are the hosts of COMEDY BANG! BANG!, a farcical/satirical take on the late-night talk show. Aukerman is the man in the single chair beside the double couch, where guests like Sarah Silverman and Adam Scott pop in to answer questions like "If you were to die, which member of your family would be the most sad?" and "What is your favorite shape?" In between interviews, viewers may see behind-the-scenes show drama, such as rebellions staged by the camera crew, and wacky sketches that depict, say, how Aukerman manages to cover his Spock ears on camera. At the end of the show, guests and hosts often play silly games, such as Jukebox Jury, a song-rating competition in which numbers are deemed either "mustard" or "pants," or "Would You Rather?"